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Tired of hearing singing & preaching about going I sold everything, got a 1 way ticket and just went. 11 years on, reaching over 200,000 kids in Kenya
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Why This Project Matters

Over the 11 years I have been here in Africa, I have seen and heard about kids who go for 2, 3 sometimes 4 days without food. I have seen our kids beg on the street to help their family eat when they should be in school. I have seen the kids working in the local quarry, hard labor to earn a few shillings daily to try and have something to eat. I have the pictures of one kid cooking local pig food in order to eat. I have seen a kid caned in school for stealing off other kids at lunchtime that had food when he had nothing to eat. I have heard endless accounts of primary school age kids being lured into sex just to have something to eat, causing childhood pregnancies and STD's among both genders. I attended the burial of one of our 10 year old kids that committed suicide.... and the list goes on. 

I think you now know why I am running...... I AM RUNNING FOR THEIR LIVES. 

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Allan and Liz Kitts Donated $50.00

God bless.I hope you reach your target Janine.

Martine Finney Donated $50.00

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Bless you Janine, I hope you reach your target to alleviate the needs.
Love, June

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