Looking for an Ambassador’s page?

1. Register to be an ambassador

Fill up your details below. Once you are registered, the Ambassador Team will be notified and you will be on our radar!

2. Create a fundraising account

Click on the above, or go to ambassador.metroworldchild.org to create an account! This account will enable you to create fundraising page, where you can share the link in your social media or with anyone around the world.

3. Create a fundraising page

1)    Choose a fundraiser.
2)    Insert content:

  • You may want to give a short introduction of yourself, and why are you raising funds for underprivileged children.
  • Talk about the initiative (For e.g., you are raising funds for hungry children, talk about why you cannot see children going hungry). 
  • Insert pictures and/or videos.

3)    Publish it! You will receive notification when your page is activated.
4)    Share link in social media and to people you know all around the world!

Want to see a few examples? Check out some of the projects already in place.

Got questions?


Q: Is fundraising all that I can do represent Metro World Child?
A: While fundraising is the most basic and attainable projects you can take on, there are also various ways to be involved.

Q: Can I use the external online processors (For e.g. The processor Facebook uses for fundraising campaigns) as a platform to raise funds for Metro World Child?
A: Based on our experiences with good Samaritans who raised funds through platforms such as this, generated pages do not tend to work well. First of all, we do receive the full donation (even if they claimed so) and the source of donation. Hence, we won’t be able to say thank you and to maintain a good relationship with all our donors. Because of these issues, along with the long lead time before they actually disperse the donation (if they do), we strongly discourage fundraising through external processors but our official, secured and encrypted payment landing page. 

Q: Can else can I be involved as an ambassador?
A: In the past, our friends who shared about our stories in their cell group, church, organized events, through business partnership, group ambassador program, etc. To explore more possibilities and if you have other questions, we would love to hear from you! Please email us at ambassador@metroworldchild.org .


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