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Metro World Child Colombia is now in session! God is allowing us to take the gospel to the ends of the earth and we are encouraged by His faithfulness! In Colombia, children are pressured to joining gangs at a young age, lured by the cartel, and at risk of a life of substance abuse. Right now, Metro Colombia is serving 3,000 children who will encounter the gospel of Jesus every week. This hope is breaking the cycle of destruction and speaking hope, love and truth into their lives - impacting their families, friends and communities. It started with one, and we won’t stop until all hear of the Good News! 

About Metro World Child

Your monthly contribution helps to support Metro World Child programs for children in impoverished areas, with programs providing Sunday School services and personal visits to each child on a weekly basis. Learn more.

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Salvando Una Generación En Peligro

Salvando Una Generación En Peligro

By Samy and Anna Wagner