About the Mission Project

Last year, Drew’s test scores earned him a place in the talented and gifted program. Drew’s grandmother who was raising him did the best she could, but raising a child on social security wasn’t easy. Things like clothes and school supplies became a luxury that cost Drew more than you know. Money for rent and food were the main concerns. 

Because Drew came to school without the basic school supplies, he couldn’t keep up with his assignments. He was embarrassed to tell anyone his situation, and it wasn’t long before Drew was taken out of the gifted program and put in regular classes. The hope and confidence you’ll give to children going back to school is as crucial for their success as the tools you’ll provide. They need to remember that someone like you believes, "You can do this!"  

About Metro World Child

Your monthly contribution helps to support Metro World Child programs for children in impoverished areas, with programs providing Sunday School services and personal visits to each child on a weekly basis. Learn more.