About the Mission Project


June 9th - September 9th

How to get involved


Sign up to run and build your support team to help you raise funds to feed hungry children. You will receive a shirt and a number to run the race at your own pace wherever you are. Take selfies during the run and post on your social media pages. It is even more fun if you run with your family or group of friends!



You're not a runner? No problem at all. You can also walk this 5k and get your friends to sponsor you. You will get your own homepage with a link to give towards your Isaiah 54:5k Walk. A shirt and your race number will be sent to you in the mail. #lengthenandstrengthen


You want to be involved with lengthening and strengthening the lives of kids around the world? But you don't have time to run? You can give towards someone else's race. Any support raised will go to provide food for hungry kids and sharing the gospel! We couldn't do this without you.


We will lengthen and strengthen the next generation for Christ.

Join us in our Race to Enlarge the territory for Jesus!


About Metro World Child

Your monthly contribution helps to support Metro World Child programs for children in impoverished areas, with programs providing Sunday School services and personal visits to each child on a weekly basis. Learn more.

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We can make a difference

We can make a difference

By Rita Abu-Ghazaleh
Touch A Life

Touch A Life

By Princess Martinez
Together we run a bite out of hunger!

Together we run a bite out of hunger!

By Rebekka Buettner
Thiago Lopes

Thiago Lopes

By Thiago Lopes