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Hello, I am Eva and I live in Germany with my Kids. I read Pastor Bills book in the year 2008 and met him in church in 2014.
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Why This Project Matters

Hello friends of the kids in Romania as you can imagine it must be very hard to live a life beside nations like Europe, which have enough clothes and shoes to change every day and each season or situation. But it's not only the material lack that brings emptyness and coldness. If alcohol is the main part in a parents life ....education has less meaning, feelings have no voice and visions cannot come true.

Please help a child know they are valued and loved by not only you but Jesus.  All it takes is just $10 to provide a child with warm clothes for the winter ahead. 


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Steve and Arleen Scribner Donated $100.00

This is for the "Warm Hearts and Hands" fund. Thank you.

Dr. M. A. Greenwell, MD Donated $100.00

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Stephen and Susan Hiza Donated $50.00

Dan and Judy Depeall Donated $100.00

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Cecil and Martha Schrock Donated $100.00

What happens now?

Around the world, people in developing nations are facing battles: battles for lives, battles for faith, battles for daily survival. In the middle of some of the toughest places on earth, children wonder about their future. You can help give kids around the world hope in spiritual and physical ways. Will you give to this important initiative and help change a child’s life?