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Why This Project Matters

There are many, many activities that we provide for the kids at Metro World Child, but there is one particular event that the kids never stop talking about throughout the year, and that is our Summer Camp program. Any child that I have ever had the privilege of taking to our out-of-state camp in Connecticut can never stop talking about their unforgettable experiences.  

The moms and the kids beg me during the year to provide a way for their child to come again to our 4-day camp.  As much as I want to say yes to EVERY SINGLE CHILD, the reality is we do not always have scholarship opportunities available and we have to turn a lot of kids away. That is where I would like to extend an invitation for you to be a part of the kids' unforgettable experience. With any size donation. you can help us sponsor more kids to participate in our 2017 Summer Camp Program.  My goal is to help sponsor 10 kids this year. Please help us give the chance for more kids to have these unforgettable experiences, it really does have a major impact in their lives.   

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Reverend Gregory Carson Donated $100.00

About Metro World Child Medical Fund

Every day, kids wait for people like you to say, “There’s hope. There are people who love you. Jesus loves you.” A child is waiting for a sponsor right now, and it’s so easy to get started. It’s a small gift, but it changes lives in ways you won’t believe until you get started. Would you help by sponsoring today?