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About Samy and Anna

We've been with Metro World Child in NY for many years, and now God is moving us to Colombia to launch a site there! We can't do this without you!
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Why This Project Matters

Let me tell you about Lilly. She is a beautiful young girl who attends our Sunday School in Colombia. Her smile lights up the room, but what's behind the smile is heartbreaking... Lilly lives with different relatives, being pushed around from one house to another. Her mom an alcoholic, her older brother is famous in the drug scene. One day she tells Metro staff that two guys with machine guns had stormed into their apartment, looking for her older brother. While bullets fly everywhere, others manage to hide under the bed – two people are shot dead on the bed.  But in all the darkness, Lilly clings to what gives her hope – Metro Sunday School.  Here she finds people who love her, care for her and tell her about an everlasting hope – Jesus Christ. Will she be another prostitute like so many in her family? Or can Metro help her to find a way out? Your donation helps to reach more kids like Lilly. 

Seeing kids starving, neglected, abused, helpless and forgotten has impacted our lives to bring hope and share the love of Christ. Your donation helps us reach more kids in forgotten neighborhoods. Every child is worthy to be loved and cared for. You donation makes it possible for us to live in Colombia, to partner with more churches, train volunteers and save a generation at risk. 

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Mr. Jonathan Flores Donated $50.00

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Merry Christmas to all the children in Colombia!

We are glad for the work you an your wife are doing there. It's an honor to support you financially!!

Bye, Rudi and Karina :)

Joshua Jerome Lee Donated $42.00

God Bless Colombia from Burt the Bus Driver!!!

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It's a small start but given from our hearts.

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What happens now?

Around the world, people in developing nations are facing battles: battles for lives, battles for faith, battles for daily survival. In the middle of some of the toughest places on earth, children wonder about their future. You can help give kids around the world hope in spiritual and physical ways. Will you give to this important initiative and help change a child’s life?