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Everyday we are faced with a choice, to be a curse or a blessing to someone! Choose daily to be Jesus's hands and feet! NO EXCEPTIONS!
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Why This Project Matters


“You can be as active in a child’s life as you

      choose!” Founder & Pastor Bill Wilson




    Abandoned on a street corner by his mother at the age of 12, Pastor Bill sat and waited for her at that corner for 3 days. She never came back. A Christian layman who was on his way to see his son in the hospital stopped and picked him up. Anybody could have stopped, but it was the Christian man who stopped.  After getting him a hot meal, this gentleman paid for Pastor Bill to attend a Sunday School camp, where he gave his life to Christ.  This was the start of his incredible walk with God-one that would change thousands of lives. To listen to the full testimony click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HClQk71k0Bk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TkXCZzpJQDg


Come and visit the Alive Now Services website to see the work Joann is currently doing to help fund Metro World Child and help expand its outreach to Ohio. Currently she is using the funds from Alive Now Services to donate 20,000$ a month to Metro World Child. 

                                                         PERSONAL TESTIMONY

     A lot of you know me and my kids, but don’t know my personal testimony.  Some of you will be just getting to know us!  At the age of 8, I found myself suicidal and under extreme demonic attack both while awake and in my sleep. After battling this for many years, one night I went to take my life, and God showed up in the form of a bright light. He sat me on his lap and rocked me back and forth. For what seemed an eternity, he spoke into the depths of my mind that "He Loved Me!" over and over again, he said how he loved me! I can't ever put into words the love I felt that day. I can tell you 100% that nothing on this earth compares to God's Unconditional, Never Ending Love!  Nothing here on this Earth compares to the LOVE I felt that day!  When God's presence began to leave me, I begged him to take me with him, but he told me "I had to stay and tell his people that he loves them!"  So today, I want to speak into your spirit that God loves you!  If you get anything out of this, anything at all, I want you to Never Ever Forget or Lose Sight that Jesus Loves You!  At age 8, I died to myself that day!  I picked up my cross and I never looked back!  It's not been easy, because you will be isolated for his purpose and put through the fire!  You will be tested and you will fall short in order to find your weaknesses before he puts you into a position of great leadership.  Once you have been in the presence of God, nothing here seems to matter!  You can't go back to who you were!  You can only keep moving towards him!  Nothing here will make you happy, but to serve him!  You are driven by a force inside of you to do more, to reach more, to sacrifice more!  You just work hard at being obedient and focus on making it home!  Our real home!  HEAVEN!!!  A good catch phrase would be WE are HEAVEN BOUND! Sold out to the purpose of just getting there and taking everyone with us that we can!

   I continued to serve and open a Christian company, Alive Now Dance and Gymnastics, around the age of 20 and had outreaches running out of it. Many of you know me from this. God told me that "Alive Now" stood for that Christ is Alive Now today in people and not in a building.  He told me to focus on his people and not the building.  The Love of Christ kept pushing me to do more!  We had migrant workers children, nursing home, foster care, inner city outreaches, and this just wasn’t enough for me! The Love of Christ kept pushing me forward!  At the age of 26 I picked myself up!  My first adopted child that came from mass trauma and was under attack by demonic forces. I went on to take on kids that were deemed unadoptable. I wanted the kids that no one wanted and were hopeless. I ended up with 7 beautiful children that God gave me. I pray for all the ones that just passed through my home. I praise God every day that our spirits got to meet. I have changed my children’s lives but at the same time they have changed me forever!  My children stretched me and taught me the meaning of begging, crying, praying, fasting, and interceding!

  Then, one day I woke up and this wasn't enough for me! The love of God was propelling me. I ended up at Metro Ministries at 30 years old and found HOME!  God sent me back and wouldn’t let me go to Metro at this time.  I had to do more and I started "American Eagle All-stars" with the scripture Isaiah 40:31, but they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.  A lot of you know me from this!  I expanded out into running a bus ministry and I tried to duplicate Metro to the best of my ability.  I was visiting and bussing in around 200 kids a week. Many of you might know me through this.  Another reason it wasn’t time for me to go to Metro was to rescue a family of 3 children I had loved my whole life.  There biological mom abandoned them once again, and God had me ready to pick them up one more time.  And lastly, God did not let me go to Metro, yet, till the adoption of my last child, Isaac!  See, it’s not about us!  It's never been about us!  We kid ourselves if we think it is!   God kept me in the desert a total of 18 years, his personal own boot camp to prepare me for what was to come of my life at Metro World Child.  Now I'm HOME, here at Metro World Child, serving God the way he designed me too!

    My heart, in a nutshell, is to pick myself up!  All you that know me know I've been doing it for years! God didn’t have to show up that day when I was 8, but he did!  I was one of the lucky ones!  I'm a walking miracle!  I know that! I owe Jesus everything I got!  Don't we all!!!  We are in a war friends! Someone’s eternity is depending on us!   There are more Bill's and Joann's out there that won't make it if we don't outrun Satan!  All you that know me and those that know Pastor Bill, know all the lives he and I have touched.  What if Pastor Bill didn’t get picked up by a Christian that day? What if I didn’t make it that day and I successfully committed suicide?  So today I challenge you to consider Sponsoring a Child. Be like the man that stopped, picked Pastor Bill up and set everything into motion or be like God himself that stopped in at my room, picked me up, put me on his lap, told me he loved me then sent me out to do the same!  Become actually Jesus hands and feet and change a life and watch how it changes YOU!  These kids just need to be in the presence of God… 1 Time, Friends…  That’s it!!!    SPONSOR a child today!  “Never, Ever, Forget Jesus Loves You!!!” Joann & Kids

About Metro World Child Medical Fund

Every day, kids wait for people like you to say, “There’s hope. There are people who love you. Jesus loves you.” A child is waiting for a sponsor right now, and it’s so easy to get started. It’s a small gift, but it changes lives in ways you won’t believe until you get started. Would you help by sponsoring today?