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Why This Project Matters

I've watched too many fights over food, too many people desperately running from far when you arrive with a trunk full of flour.. I've seen too many tears of children and people who haven't eaten for two or three days...too many children fainting in school for lack of food, attended too many burials, seen too many malnourished children, seen too many children being eploited for child labour working all day in the quarry to earn just enough for a bag of flour or some water.. seen too many children skipping school to beg for survival in the streets, too many ringing my doorbell needing food, and this why I am running at almost 64 to help dry some tears and bring hope and smiles to many faces. Thank you for standing with me... for running with me in prayer.  I'll be running my race across four different African Nations between September 4-11 starting in Zimbabwe, on to Zambia, then Burundi, then Nigeria. For the children ... I say THANK YOU!!

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