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Raising up leaders, teachers and pastors out of the streets of NYC since 2008. Nothing else I'd rather do!
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Why This Project Matters

I recently came back from the Philippines where I witnessed extreme poverty. I looked into the eyes of children who have almost nothing, eat very little and don't expect much of a future. Talking with some of them, it seemed so hopeless. But then, I remembered why I was there. To tell them about the love of God. 

Yes, His love is real, even when circumstances are difficult. Yes, He can still provide. Yes, He will still protect. Yes, He will still save. That's who He is. 

These kids (and their families) NEED to know who God is. They need to know that there IS hope. With God, there is hope for their today and tomorrow. Sunday School is a way to provide this message of hope. 

It costs only $7 to send a child to Sunday School. Without it, some of these kids will never know that there is Hope. 

As a Birthday gift to me today, will you please give towards Sunday School? 

Recent Donations

Stacey Nevels Donated $10.00

This gift is given from the beautiful Lisa Torres!!

Capron Kester Donated $200.00

Melissa Becker Kaplanowski Donated $100.00

Colleen and Richard Quirion Donated $53.00

He raises the poor from the dust
and lifts the needy from the ash heap;
he seats them with princes
and has them inherit a throne of honor.
1 Samuel 2:8
Keeping "fighting the good fight" for the least of these!

Janine Stellatos Donated $7.00

Ms. Victory Boyd Donated $7.00

Colleen and Richard Quirion Donated $50.00

Happy Birthday Stacey! You are such a blessing!

Matthew Durham Donated $100.00

Happy birthday Stacey!. Thanks for all you do. Thanks for giving me an opportunity to help

Whether indoor or outdoor, reaching kids for Christ is what Metro World Child is all about!