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About Susi

I have come to New York City in September 2008 to be part of Metro World Child. Being in full time ministry has changed and is still changing my life.
  • Encounter God in Summer Camp! - Gott anders erleben im Sommer Camp!


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Why This Project Matters

Summer camp has always been an amazing experience for me. When I was a child, I was able to experience God in a completely different way without any distraction of my daily life. God used a summer camp to draw my heart closer to His. It changed my life and I can see the same happening to the kids that were able to go to our summer camp last year. The kids encountered God in a different way and  He touched their hearts deeply.

You can help a child to experience God in this special way. Be part of it and help us to bring more kids to summer camp and change their lives.


Sommer Camp war immer ein tolles erlebnis fuer mich,als ich jung war. Ich konnte Gott ohne Ablenkungen des Alltages ganz neu entdecken. Gott nutze ein Sommer Camp um mein Herz raus aus meiner Welt und rein in seine Welt zu ziehen. Das veraenderte mich und genau das Gleiche kann ich auch bei den Kindern beobachten, die im letzten Jahr zu unserem Sommer Camp gekommen sind. Gott begegnet die Kinder in einer ganz anderen Art und beruehrt ihre Herzen.

Du kannst einem Kind dazu verhelfen, Gott in einer ganz neuen Art zubegegnen und Veraenderung durch seine Naehe zu erleben. Sei dabei und helfe mehr Kinder zu unserem Sommer Camp zu sponsieren.


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About Metro World Child Medical Fund

Every day, kids wait for people like you to say, “There’s hope. There are people who love you. Jesus loves you.” A child is waiting for a sponsor right now, and it’s so easy to get started. It’s a small gift, but it changes lives in ways you won’t believe until you get started. Would you help by sponsoring today?