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Why This Project Matters

Summer is coming up!! Every summer, Metro World Child takes kids out of their crazy neighborhoods for 4 days and the kids see something different. Camp has to be one of my favorite times at Metro. I get to see so many kids come to our summer camp and totally transform. It's a time where kids can be kids. Where they get three meals a day and have a safe place to sleep at night. So many kids come to camp and they go home changed because of what happens at camp. You can be a part of that change, just by sponsoring a child to go to camp or praying for the staff that are there with the kids, or you can take a step further and actually volutnteer. We need your help!

About Metro World Child Medical Fund

Every day, kids wait for people like you to say, “There’s hope. There are people who love you. Jesus loves you.” A child is waiting for a sponsor right now, and it’s so easy to get started. It’s a small gift, but it changes lives in ways you won’t believe until you get started. Would you help by sponsoring today?