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Why This Project Matters

Many of these kids go through a lot on a regular basis in their lives that doesn't allow them to just be "kids." They are forced to grow up at such a young age, but when they come to camp, that all changes. At camp, they're away from their friends, family, and all the craziness they see, and they can just focus on being a kid. I have seen God work in these kids in just the short amount of time that they are at camp. Many kids leave with hope because of what they experience at camp. Please join us in being able to send more kids to camp so they can have this experience for themselves. You can be the one to help change someone's future with this experience!

About Metro World Child Medical Fund

Every day, kids wait for people like you to say, “There’s hope. There are people who love you. Jesus loves you.” A child is waiting for a sponsor right now, and it’s so easy to get started. It’s a small gift, but it changes lives in ways you won’t believe until you get started. Would you help by sponsoring today?