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About Genevieve

A small drop in the ocean, who strives to achieve the impossible: a safe world for our children.
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Why This Project Matters

There are a million reasons why we do things, and why we strive to achieve our goals. But this one is quite extraordinary. This has nothing to do with your life, and everything to do with your life. My trip to the Philippines, made my resolve ever so strong. To make sure the things I have seen whilst there, never happen to another generation. And while I struggle in prayer for this generation, there is something more that can be done. 

  • To stop parents from selling their kids to evil men, just so they can put food on the table.
  • To create awareness that crimes against them - drug abuse, slavery, etc. are not right. And to be able to change that fate for them.
  • To enrich the lives of kids, and showing them there is so much more to this world than the hell hole they constantly struggle to survive in.
  • To open doors for the future, and break vicious cycles of poverty, education-deprived and ill-health in whole communities.
  • To seek and save the lost. Let them know Love and Hope firsthand.

And while I am just one, my hands and feet stretch out through so many. And we, together, will make bigger waves of change. Truly, there is a shimmer of hope in mankind. We will bring that HOPE to the Philippines.

What happens now?

Around the world, people in developing nations are facing battles: battles for lives, battles for faith, battles for daily survival. In the middle of some of the toughest places on earth, children wonder about their future. You can help give kids around the world hope in spiritual and physical ways. Will you give to this important initiative and help change a child’s life?